Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjiv Khanna
(Hon'ble Judge of the Supreme Court of India)


I feel privileged to have been nominated as a Visitor of the Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla.

Himachal Pradesh, with its high hills and deep valleys, pristine and thick forests, green meadows and bubbling springs, and gushing streams, is an ideal place for a young student to begin her career in law.

Our Constitution guarantees to all of us a number of freedoms and civil liberties. Law offers us an opportunity to know our rights and earn a status and role as the protector of freedom and liberties of other fellow citizens. You, as students of law, will go on to become the spokespersons of the society. Without you, the judiciary cannot function and perform its constitutional role and duty. As Geoffrey Robertson1 puts it -"Justice is the great game precisely because its rules provide the opportunity of winning against the most powerful and against the State itself'.

However, to enjoy the blessings of liberty, we cannot forget the difference between liberty with order, and anarchy without either. Liberty comes at a price, which is that we must be conscious of our duty to others and abide by the reasonable restrictions necessary to enable others to cherish their freedoms and rights.

Universities and colleges create the future of the nation. Amongst the students of today would be the advocates who would argue cases, articulate views and judges who would adapt and recast the existing norms to the needs of the ever-evolving society. Studies and education are processes of training and developing knowledge, skill, mind and good character. As Tara Westover2 in her book 'Educated' states, "Education is not so much about making a living as about making a person. Education develops personality, promotes collaborative learning, builds organizational skills and enhances critical thinking".

With over 4.5 crore cases pending in the courts of India, an opportunity awaits you, with a challenge to meet and tackle. Access to justice and better knowledge of rights is bound to show its effect and impact on filing of fresh cases. In 2022, the median age in India is 28 years. The golden era of India lies ahead of us, and education, in true sense, should enable you to treasure the success that beckons all of you. After all, "the law and lawyers are what the law schools make them."3

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, within a short span, has achieved many a success for which the faculty and the students have to be applauded and congratulated. It would be my endeavour to contribute and support all of you, the faculty and the students, on all fronts and in every possible manner.

(Mr. Justice Sanjiv Khanna)


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