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HPNLU Law Journal is a faculty-run, peer-reviewed journal published by the Himachal Pradesh National Law University Shimla. The Journal is an annually published, online and open access journal. Presently the Journal is awaiting its ISSN number. The Journal is envisioned to study, analyze and develop/advance knowledge on legal and jurisprudential issues with an inter-disciplinary perspective.

HPNLU Law Journal strives to be the premier source for academic analysis of legal issues, such that scholars, professionals, news media, and the general public turn to HPNLU Law Journal when complicated issues arise. Along with exploring the various problems and challenges that affect the legal world, the Journal attempts to explore and offer workable solutions, which may be helpful.

Our mission is to promote social change and intellectual debate through the publication and advancement in-depth and innovative legal scholarship. We are committed to exploring new directions and perspectives in the legal field.

The views expressed here are only those of the contributors themselves and do not in any way signify the views of HPNLU, its faculty, or its administration. HPNLU assumes no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by contributors.