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Shimla Law Review (Volume-II: 2019)   ISSN: 2582-1903

Editorial Advisory Board

Justice Ranjan Gogoi
Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
Justice Surya Kant
Judge, Supreme Court of India
Justice U.U. Lalit
Judge, Supreme Court of India
Justice D.Y. Chandrachud
Judge, Supreme Court of India
Justice Ravindra Bhatt
Judge, Supreme Court of India
Justice V. Ramasubramanian
Judge, Supreme Court of India
Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan
Judge, High Court of Himachal Pradesh
Justice Sandeep Sharma
Judge, High Court of Himachal Pradesh
Prof. Ranbir Singh
Vice Chancellor, NLU Delhi
Prof. P.S. Jaswal
Vice Chancellor, RGNUL, Patiala
Prof. Balraj Chauhan
DNLU, Jabalpur
Prof. Poonam Saxena
Vice Chancellor, NLU Jodhpur
Prof. Kamala Sankaran
Former Vice Chancellor, NLU Trichi
Prof. D.P. Verma
Addl Director (Research & Training), NJA Bhopal
Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha
Director, Indian Law Institute
Prof. Kamaljeet Singh
HPNLU, Shimla
Prof. S.S. Jaswal
Registrar, HPNLU Shimla

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Hon’bleJustice L. Narayana Swamy
Chief Justice, High Court of Himachal Pradesh
Chancellor, HPNLU Shimla


Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Vice Chancellor, HPNLU Shimla


ChanchalKumar Singh
Assistant Professor of Law, HPNLU Shimla

Editorial Committee

Santosh Kumar Sharma
Assistant Professor of Law, HPNLU Shimla
Navditya Tanwar
Assistant Professor of Law, HPNLU Shimla
Ruchi Raj Thakur
Assistant Professor of English, HPNLU Shimla
Aayush Raj
Teaching Associate, HPNLU Shimla
Arun Kumar
Assistant Librarian, HPNLU Shimla

Student Editorial Committee

Surya Dev Singh Bhandari
VIII Semester, B.A.LL.B.
Priyanka Thakur
VI Semester, B.A.LL.B.
Khushi Soharu
IV Semester, B.B.A.LL.B.
Jyotika Rajpurohit
II Semester, B.A.LL.B.

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From the Editor’s Desk

The Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla (HPNLU, Shimla),placed in the geographical terrains of the Himalayas, is in its fourth year of existence. The Institution is one of few educational Centers in the country which enjoys natural endowment of mesmeric beauty of location topography,excellent/enjoyable weather conditions throughout the year. The University, in this respect, is bestowed with all-natural conditions conducive of seeking, creation and imparting knowledge. The University was established in the year 2016, by the Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Act (Act 16 of 2016). The HPNLU campus is situated at Ghandal, on Shimla-Mandi National Highway, Shimla (H.P.)which is about twenty two kilometers from Shimla. The University has acquired approval of the Bar Council of India and is registered with the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, under Section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956. The HPNLU Shimla is regular member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi and several other prestigious National and International Institutions/organizations. Since 2019, HPNLU is a member of the Consortium of National Law Universities. In the present critical times, the relevance of research and development in every field has taken center-stage like never before. This is unprecedented time that we are witnessing today, and times like these need utmost positivity on our part, so that we sail though the tough times, emerge victorious and move forward with more strength. Keeping this positive note in mind, it is with immense pleasure that, I present to you the Second Volume of the Shimla Law Review (SLR). It is one of the flagship publications that the Himachal Pradesh National Law University (HPNLU) has published since its inception. The Shimla Law Review is envisioned to be an annual publication, owned and published by the HPNLU, Shimla. The periodical is intended to provide a forum to the Judges, Academicians, research scholars and students for exposition on contemporary legal issues, apart from the traditional challenges that the legal paraphernalia come across. SLR finds its genesis in the backdrop that the role of an institution is beyond traditional classroom interactions. It includes deliberations that can affect the society in multifarious ways and support the progressive values that are imbibed in the Constitution. SLR is an all-encompassing journal and promotes contributions on multiple facets of the legal regime and the ever-evolving width of the law.Apart from the point of view of content, another important component of the SLR is the independence of the review mechanism. This is ensured by keeping a multi-layered review mechanism whereby each contribution is strictly scrutinized before it takes its final shape and is presented to the reader. The present volume covers issues including but not limited to subjects such as theoretical understanding of ‘justice, ‘state’, right to be forgotten,privacy and pandemic, tax laws, and so on. I am confident that this publication would add to the existing debate in a more constructive manner while also paving the way for further debate and research.


Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Vice Chancellor
Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla


1. Episteme of Justice: A Genealogy of Rationality Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
2. Apocryphal ‘State’: Fragments on Theoretical Foundations, Constitution, Law and their Mythical Unification Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
3. The Right to be Forgotten in Digital Age: A Comparative Study of the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 & the GDPR Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
4. Senior Citizens in India: A Critical Analysis of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act, 2007 Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
5. Privacy Issues in the Age of Pandemic: A Critical Analysis Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
6. Regulating Tax Havens: An Imperative Under International Law Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
7. Building Insolvency Jurisprudence: Limits of the Judicial Role in the Constitutional Adjudication Relating to the Provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
8. ‘Sale’, in Taxation Laws with Special Reference to Work Contract: A Journey of Conceptual Aberration during Pre and Post 46th Constitutional Amendment Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
9. Full Protection and Security Standard in International Investment Law and Practice: An Indian Perspective Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
10. Human Rights Education in the Field of Engineering and Technology Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
11. Administrative Adjudication and Dispensation of Justice through Armed Forces Tribunal in India: A Way forward and Challenges Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020
12. An Escape Pod to Acquittal: Assessing the Impact of Mohan Lal v. State of Punjab Uploaded on : 26-Jun-2020