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Centre for Parliamentary Studies

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Centre for Parliamentary Studies

About the Centre:
Democracy is said to be the system of government which is governed by the people themselves through their representatives. The body of representatives in India is known as the Parliament. Parliament and state legislatures form one of the the pillars of India's democracy. On Behalf of citizens, they make laws, hold the government accountable for their actions, and allocate public funds to various national priorities. These decisions must be based on the ground realities and the needs of the society, writ large. Legislators must make informed decisions so that citizens' interests are represented and reflected in these policies.
The Centre for Parliamentary Studies (CPS) is a specialized research Centre established by Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla, to engage in the study of democracy, the parliamentary form of government, in general, and the Indian parliament, specifically. The Centre is dedicated to undertaking research on various aspects of parliament and will strive to provide measures to strengthen parliamentary democracy in the country.

Vision and Objectives of the Centre: 
The following are the main objectives of the Centre hence established: 

1. To undertake a study of parliamentary forms of government across the world for identifying good practices that may be replicated and incorporated into the Indian Parliamentary form of Government;
2. To deliberate with professionals and academicians alike, about the issues in the current Indian Parliamentary form of Government and modes to ameliorate;
3. To research the ways of strengthening parliamentary democracy and ushering transparency into the system of governance;
4. To provide a platform for experts in the field to deliberate and discuss contemporary issues in the current Indian Parliamentary form of Government and the future issues that might arise due to technological advancements;
5. To organize activities for further discussion on the Parliamentary form of government, its attributes, and reforms in the Indian Parliamentary form of Government.

 Constitution of the Centre: 

Patron-in-Chief:               Prof. (Dr.) Nishtha Jaswal, Vice-Chancellor, HPNLU, Shimla

Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Jaswal, HPNLU, Shimla

Dr. Chanchal Kumar Singh, Associate Professor of (Law) 

Co-coordinator:                Mr. Aayush Raj, Assistant Professor of  (Law)

Research Associate:         
Ms. Kalyani Acharya

Students Members:

Ms. Muskaan Kapoor  (Batch 2017-22)
Ms. Arshiva Sharma (Batch 2018-23)
Mr. Madhusudan Joshi (Batch 2018-23)
Mr. Veer Vikram Singh (Batch 2019-24)
Mr. Deb Zyoti Das (Batch 2019-24)
Ms. Bhanu Singh Rohilla (Batch 2019-24)
Ms. Yashasvi Sharma (Batch 2020-25)
Ms. Soumya Sharma (Batch 2020-25)
Mr. Piyush Pandit (Batch 2020-25)

Centre for Parliamentary Studies(CPS)

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla
16 Miles, Shimla-Mandi National Highway, Ghandal, Shimla, H.P. 171014